inspired or nothing??

I just watched Kick andy tv program ….
and I saw how great he is …!!!1

I just knew that there is professor that he doesn’t come from “keluarga mampu”
but he came from “keluarga kurang mampu”

can you imagine that his father was not graduate from elementary school
and his mother couldn’t write and read

he lived with his 7 brothers and sisters and he had to do hard working for graduate from campus…

but now…

he is one of our professor in Indonesia..

and I’m so surprised when he said that the young generation who had said the economy problem was their problem for getting achievement, is not our “generasi muda harapan bangsa”


for us who study in Insan Cendekia and can get scholarship here…
are we a good young generation..??

and because of that too, I was inspired to became better…


I hope that all of us especially for Axivic Lunaris Mosinerati can be young generation that can give achievement for this country…

and saying:

We are A… A… A… Axivic….
We are A… A… A… Axivic….
We are A… A… A… Axivic….

Axi what??? axivic
Axi what??? axivic
Axivic?? What…??

We ‘re always the best huh….



  1. Viva La Axivic! Long Lasting Axivic! Innallaha Ma’anaa!

    btw, you do a nice try for using English! and maybe you can find some another word/sentence to avoid Bahasa Indonesia words (except it is a food or place name or there’s no English word for it)


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