Between something which is near and far

Okay, now I’m only 5 months to graduate.. but until now, I’m still confused about the university..
I don’t know why I’m still not too sure about the university I wanna take.. till now, I’m still quite afraid weather my choice is right or not. because it doesn’t quite simple. my senior said that choosing university is one of the most important thing that I have to choose.

now, I’m still sure for continuing my study in UGM with one of this three university that I wanna take, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Civil Engineering. moreover, some of my friends will continue for continuing there. and for now, I just wanna join this university if I don’t study abroad

but, I don’t know why, because I joined meeting with my senior who continue in NTU, one of the university I wanna take, I feel quite afraid about my future there. and it’s not about study, but only about my social relationship there. I’m not sure I can raise my potential ability there. but beside that problem. maybe I just wanna see the situation first. most important, I can pass first step in admission. but for further, i just wanna hope for the best if I am there.

so, I just wanna concentration for all tests that I wanna take. I know that both universities are good for me.. so I just hope I can be one of the new students in there..


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