Small Act For Creating a Peaceful World

As young people, we know that creating a peaceful world is not adult job only. We can give our idea to make a better world. Although we are still young, but we may have a great idea. Commonly, young generation like us, have a fresh idea that never be thought by old generation. May be, our idea is just a simple thing. However, who knows in a few years later, our simple idea can make a big role for this world.

Peace actually has a simple meaning. I think peace is just a condition of our world that gives us a chance to do all daily activities normally. There is no war everywhere, there is no fighting between us, and there is no lie between us, is just a little bit of peace condition. As long as that condition have a deep meaning for us and give feeling “like in home,” we can call it as peace.

No one in this world wants his peace condition disturbed by other person. However, in fact, we cannot command other people mind to do what we want. We just can make other people to understand how important is peace, how beautiful is peace, and how hard to get peace.

Peace is easy to say, but is hard to realize. May be, a person likes a president of United State of America, or general secretary of united nation, will not listen to young student idea like me. But, I believe that my idea will have a great effect to us, although it will happen may be 25 years later.

Usually, people, who handle a big position in a government, will think a peace condition as a big thing. They will think peace will be realized only if there is no war in this world. But, do not they think that peace can be realized in simple condition? May be, it is heard so funny, when we hear that statement. But, this is our world. Nothing is impossible if we want to do it.

There are so many ways to make a peace. But, I think the most important way to realize it only a few ways. First, we have to have a feeling to help each other. How can we make a peace, if we have bad heart! We cannot make a peace if in our mind is just war only or we never think about peace agreement and prefer to finish the problem with war. As long as the mindset of people in this world is war only, we will not meet peace in the future.

Second, why we do not give smile to each other. On the other hand, minimally why we do not give our nicest face to other. May be, you will laugh when you read this. But, usually, we will have a bad mood when we meet person who give us his bad face, right? When we have a bad mood, we will not think clearly. Everything that person said to us, it always has a bad meaning. So, it can make a “fight” between us. This is just a simple way to make a peace. But, this will happen only if we start from our self firstly. How can any other people want to do it, if we do not do it, right?

And the last, I think we have to have a dream to make a peace. That dream must be planted in our heart deeply every time. Dream is just a key to make a peace become real. How we can make peace if we do not have a dream to make peace. And this is our job as young generation to make it real. Old generation may have a dream before. But, their dream have not finished yet. So, we have to finish it and give some addition to their dream with our dream.

Someone said that a great glory does not come from an easy winning, but a great glory will come after we lose and we have a dream to win, and of course we do not give up after lose. We may say that old generation did not do their job as well as they want. There is war everywhere. But, we do not need to afraid about that. We have to analyze why it can happen, and do not do the wrong time that old generation do twice.

Once again, I said that nothing is impossible. As long as we have dream to make a peace, and we want to realize our dream, we can make a real peace in this world. Let us show to the world, that young generation can do it!


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