Priority? not now maybe..

My friends used to ask me this question, who is your girlfriend? Honestly, I cannot answer that question in that time. Now? I just can say I haven’t seen the true one. Hahaha. You may laugh about that. You can ask me why you cannot find only one girl in a huge university like UGM. But, that’s the fact. Until now, I cannot find the one.
Is it that hard to find? If you want to find a beautiful one, just go to medical faculty or if you wanna find in engineering faculty, just go to chemical engineering or architecture. But, I do not only find that one. If I can say, I wanna find with similar type within axivic. Some time I confuse with girl who use cloak in college but do not use it outside college. This problem makes me harder to find her. So why I don’t find girl who don’t use cloak? Sorry to say, but that’s not my type. Hehehe. You know what that girl who uses cloak seen more beautiful and elegant. Of course if she is beautiful one.
Beauty outside, beauty inside, and also smart. That’s the ideal girl I choose. But, world is not as perfect as we want, right? From that three characteristics, I prefer in second and third. Because, you can make your outside looks like a beauty one, but you won’t can make your heart and sense looks like a beauty one. Cause, you cannot change it only in few days.
So? Have I find her? Nope, but I hope I can find her soon. Hahaha. I don’t limit only in on faculty or university. But I certainly want the best one wherever she comes from. Although she hasn’t never be the same school with me, it’s not problem. But that’s not my first priority. There are some waiting lists of task that I need to do it first, like study more for getting good grade in class, then participating more in BEM KMFT and also in KMTETI, and so many goals that I have to reach it. If there are many of friends that engage right after ospek, I will make finding girlfriend as my priority after I have some things that I can proud to show to her, so she won’t regret to be my girlfriend. Hahahaha.


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