A legendary Indonesia football player, Bambang Pamungkas, said in his book “Keep dreaming for your future and do all good deeds as much as you can, and you will be better than coward”. Two things that always be my vision for changing the world. And also two points that always give me inspiration for doing this life as subject not as the object in revolution of this world.
Nowadays, there is social-ill which happen to most of the countries in this world. That social-ill usually called by corruption. Not only can happen in government, but also can be in charity organization. In one year past only, more than 10 cases of corruption happened in Indonesia. And the most sensational is Century Bank case, because its suspect related to not only ordinary people in this country, but also very ordinary people.
If we see the suspect, it’s so ironic when most of the suspect is educated people. They’re graduated, at least bachelor degree, from university. Only few of them graduated below university. But the question is why they can do corruption whereas in university or at least in school, they had been learned about honesty and integrity.
When all students, school or college, say for refusing corruption, or when they speak about the corruptor as a bad guy, they do not see themselves belong to them. They do not feel if they are the corruptor too. They can be called as the corruptor because they also do not have the integrity. When they get test, they do cheating, not only be done by one student, but also can be done by all of students in that class. Other fact is, some students do illegal presence. Illegal presence is when you are not in school in that time, but in presence list, you are not absent. Two simple facts that can be proof that we are not better than corruptor. Because when we do untruth to system, in this case is education system, we also do untruth to our country. Because, most of education system is funded by country. And when we do untruth to the country, we are the same with them. Corruptor also do untruth to the country, right?
Honesty or integrity, two behaviors which we rarely see from people now. Both is replaced by money. Everything can be bought, included honesty and integrity. In simple fact, when we get caught by the policeman because we do not bring complete document of driving, we will choose to pay him with big money than follow the plot of regulation which is not simple. That is the simple fact where money can buy everything.
So, as the young generation we cannot accept all condition above. Because, if not us, whom? We are born as the change maker when there is something wrong in this world. For making big change, we have to start from the small thing. Starting from what we can do alone and it is simple for us. For example, when we want to make our environment clean, start from ourselves by throwing our trashes to their place.
So, the first thing we have to do is, bringing back our integrity. Without that, we are just being public-rubbish. Just remembering about integrity lesson which we had already learned is still not enough. More than that, what we need to do is the integrity action. And when we want to do a deceit, we have to think how if other people do it to us.
The second is trying to propagate other people. There are so many ways to propagating other people. We can make a conference against corruption; we can make anti-corruption-education school, where people can learn what corruption is, so they will know more about that; or if we cannot do in big scale, try to make honest-shop. A shop that designed without a seller. Items can be bought by us. But we have to pay in a specific place for putting money, and we take our cash back if we have from there too. And in the end, we can calculate if the price calculation gets the same result with the reality, we can assume that most of the buyers have the integrity.
Normally, people say that creating future we want is impossible. But, I believe we can make it. If all people have the integrity in their heart, all social problems is resolved. There is no corruption if we have integrity, right? And if there is no corruption, the global economy will be healthy. And if economy is health, there will not be poverty and all people can live happily as they want.
Dream is the key for us for fighting against the world
May peace prevail here.

*)artikel yang kembali gagal menembus jepang tahun ini


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